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Novel 6 - The Assassin's Pact

Novel 6 - The Assassin's Pact SYNOPSIS:

Two months have passed since Flurry and his brothers defeated Black Bear’d and his pirate crew. Their route through Erminea is filled with danger every step of the way.

Their journey home is delayed when they are ambushed by feline assassins intent on Flurry’s demise. The cubs must think on their feet and work as a team to survive. However, the cats are the least of their worries.

Little does Flurry know, the cats are in league with Isangrim the wolf. In the face of such a powerful adversary, Flurry wonders if he can prevail a second time.

Join Flurry in his epic struggle over the forces of darkness as he teams up with the valiant cat warriors of Tikalico to protect his friends and bring everyone home to Ursus.

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