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The life giving act from Christopher Kringle brought Flurry into their world, but little did anyone know that such a choice would begin a chain of events that would alter their lives forever. 

Flurry has the heart of a hero and a destiny set before him, but he must also battle his inner demons as he wrestles with vanity, pride, and jealousy. His pride sends him down a path that plants him in a strange and distant land in our world. Now living in a modern city on Earth, he acquaints himself with his new family and friends, but it is short lived. After only three months here on Earth, Flurry returns to his home world for a visit. From that day forward, something would change for the young cub, shaping him into a renowned adventurer.

Flurry embarks on fresh and exciting adventures across the epic landscapes of his world Ahelia. Danger lurks around every corner and evil villains lie in wait to devour their prey, but Flurry may be his own worst enemy.

Flurry thinks that he's simply enjoying the excitement and thrill of his fast-paced life, but he's truly being molded and shaped into something more. Little does he know that he has a preordained destiny or that his fate is to become more than he knows he can be. In the end, Flurry could hold the key to saving his world from an ancient and cruel evil and becoming a legend himself.

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