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Raleigh Supercon

Flurry the Bear and I Skye will be at Raleigh Supercon this weekend! The convention goes from Friday, July 14th to Sunday, July 16th. I will be signing books and have a plethora of cool stuff for fans. All of my prices for the convention are discounted. Instead of $24.99, the plush bears will be only $15! Books are $10 and eBooks are $2. I will have special combo deals and freebies, too! Stop by and get the latest in the novel series, The Assassin's Pact. I hope to see everyone there! For more information and tickets, click the Supercon image below.

~J.S. Skye


A Prize Drawing & More!

It's time for a big announcement! Where to begin? Well, first of all, I apologize for the lack of news updates. Nothing is wrong, and Flurry didn't go away. I've been hard at work making MANY things that I hope to unveil this year. Doing a large bulk of the work alone makes it slow-going. I'm wearing too many hats, but we all have to do what's needed to make things work out. It's a good thing that I'm passionate about my books and love every bit of it!

The great news is that I have BRAND NEW books! The cover art, logo, and interior text has been revised and it's the best looking stuff I've ever had! As of June 1st, I have new eBooks made for Amazon Kindle with Nook and other eBook versions in the works. I'll announce when they're all ready.

The website has been updated with new freebies. The characters page has brand new character art and character bios. The creatures and items pages also have had revisions and additions. Also, be sure to check out the brand new merchandise. There are posters, calendars, buttons, mugs, t-shirts, fleece blankets, pillows, playing cards, books, eBooks, plush bears, mouse pads, stationary, and much much more!

Book 6 in Flurry's series has been published! The new book is named The Assassin's Pact. The story follows Flurry and his friends as they attempt to make their way home. It takes place two to three months after the events of The Rising Tide. If you remember Isangrim and Necatual from the epilogue of The Land of the Sourpie, then this is where you will find out more about their alliance and what that means for Flurry and his friends.

To start this month off to a great start, I'm offering 5 copies of The Assassin's Pact for FREE! It's an Amazon giveaway. The requirements are that you be 18 years of age or older, living in the United States, and have an Amazon and Twitter account. Other than that, it costs you nothing at all! You can see the complete rules at the link below. Just click on the image of the book and it will take you to Amazon. The drawing will end on June 8th and there will be 5 lucky winners of my newest book!

If that wasn't enough, I have even MORE free stuff for you! Are you on Flurry the Bear's mailing list? No? Why not? Don't you know that's where you're going to get information and freebies before anyone else? Sign up on the form down below, on my author page, or on the main home page for this website. By joining the mailing list you will get an entire eBook for FREE! That's right, more free stuff! The book is available for Amazon Kindle and in PDF form. Need it for Nook or another eBook reader? No worries! That's being prepared and when it's ready, everyone on the mailing list will be given a link to it, too. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

~J.S. Skye


Indiana Comic Con

I'm excited to announce my presence at Indiana Comic Con this weekend of April 14 - 16. Stop by the Indiana Convention Center and get the latest Flurry the Bear novel and get your books signed. There are special deals and discounted prices to be had this weekend only! I'm pretty easy to find. I'm literally right below the giant E sign hanging from the ceiling over on the red carpet. E as in epic!

~J.S. Skye


Some Small Updates

Hello, again. Yes, I'm still around. In fact, a lot of activity is going on behind-the-scenes. I'm very excited to share it all with you, but you'll have to wait a little bit longer. I'm pleased to announce I'm finished with book #6. It was more challenging than my previous books, but then again I think that with each book. I can't wait to reveal the cover and the title to everyone soon. Don't hold me to this, for there are always twists and turns in life, but it's my hope to have book #6 for sale by late November. It should be just in time for Christmas. Book #6 will officially mark the halfway point in the novel series. A lot changes in Flurry's life, friends, and world. It's a must read!

Today, I created brand new desktop wallpapers, computer icons, and avatars. I think they look amazing! They're all FREE so head over to the GOODIES tab and download all of them you want. There will be more coming later.

The Kickstarter project is still on the horizon. My team and I plan to re-launch soon. We have A LOT of cool new artwork to show off. The artists have been hard at work making some incredible stuff. I can't wait for the reveal.

I'm also working on a book named Flurry the Bear - The Compendium. What's that? Pure awesomeness! More news to come later.

~J.S. Skye