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GenCon 2018

I'll be at GenCon this year in Author's Avenue. You may find me at table AF. That's easy to remember, imagine that it stands for Awesome Flurry! I hope to see you there!

GenCon is being held at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indiana from August 2nd - August 5th.

~J.S. Skye


A Second Book Trailer

I went from never having a book trailer to having two in just one week. Now I can't seem to stop myself. I hope you enjoy it.

~J.S. Skye


The Assassin's Pact - 5 Star Reviews!

The Assassin's Pact, my newest book to date, has already been reviewed by Kirkus Reviews. However, I'm pleased to announce that it has also received five reviews from Readers' Favorite that are all a resounding 5 STARS!

~J.S. Skye



The Assassin's Pact: Flurry the Bear, Book 6 by J.S. Skye is a continuation of the story of Flurry and his family. Before I even begin talking about the novel and the story, let me just say that the covers of this whole series were simply amazing. I am in love with how detailed and descriptive they are. Now on to the story! The story follows Flurry and his friends. It has been two months since they have defeated the evil pirate and his crew. Now all they have to do is find a way back home.

However, finding their way back home is not as easy as they would like to think. It is high time that this furry family starts thinking like a team and think of a way out of this mess. The way back home is paved with danger and dangerous creatures that are intent on destroying them. They are attacked by a group of cats who seem to be working with Isangrim, the wolf. He is a strong villain who is after Flurry. Now, it is up to Flurry to find his way back home and do it without losing or injuring his brothers. Can he do it? Can they all get back home unscathed?

Intense, entertaining and filled to the brim with action, this sixth novel in the series brings the beloved characters back on an adventurous journey. I loved Flurry; his determination and his ability to take charge have improved. He is now more responsible in the face of danger and I loved him for it. Once again, the characters were given page space to grow and become stronger. The villains were believable and Flurry and his furry brothers were adorable. A brilliant story.


The Assassin's Pact: Flurry the Bear, Book 6 is an epic fantasy novel for children and preteens written by J.S. Skye. Boaz, the lion, isn’t all that impressed with what he sees as Flurry’s great and daring rescue of Shinyuu and the other captives whom Naphal and the Gatemakers were preparing to drag through a black hole into their own dimension. Boaz sees it as showboating and wanting to be the center of attention, but Drizzle believes that Flurry really does care after all. As the Fuzzies and their companions make their way back to Ursus, each has been forged into bigger, more authentic versions of themselves as a result of their adventures. But Boaz feels belittled and betrayed by the fact that Honja, the little rabbit, really knew their language all the time even if he never used it. All the effort Boaz made to learn Honja’s own language seems to have been useless and unappreciated.

Honja had always been frightened of speaking their language, fearing ridicule for making mistakes, but Boaz had to realize that about his former friend. Caboose now had protective armor which was perfect for the little polar bear who was apt to fall into the most precarious of situations. Boaz was now the organizational genius of their small team, the holder of gold and navigational devices, and the tall lion, Noah, had become highly proficient at using a staff for protection under the tutelage of Chingu, the red panda. Drizzle had yet to tell the others that he wouldn’t be going home again. His place was now at Chingu’s side. He would be missed by Flurry and the others, but they could understand how he had made that choice. Flurry had also been greatly changed by the experiences he had survived and the battles he had been part of. He was no longer the pampered, vain and self-centred teddy cub who adored pirates. Flurry was growing up. Still, however, the Fuzzies were oh so eager to see Mommy again and to feel the comfort and warmth of their bedroom at home.

J.S. Skye’s epic fantasy novel for children and preteens, The Assassin's Pact: Flurry the Bear, Book 6, finds the Fuzzies more than ready for the security of home, but another adventure awaits them on the way. There’s magic in this series that somehow gets the reader so involved in the struggles and triumphs of Flurry, the Fuzzies and their other companions that one actually forgets that the main characters are stuffed plush toys. They’ve magically grown into living, breathing creatures who, through the course of this series, have begun the process of evolving into their best selves. Most obvious is, of course, Flurry, whose legendary exploits jar in the most gentle and humorous fashion with his obvious lack of vocabulary skills. Book 6 builds beautifully on the previous books in the series, but one can also detect the influences of Homer’s Odyssey and Tolkien’s indomitable hobbits in the spirits of these stalwart companions and their longing for home and hearth. The story is action-packed and filled with the adventure Flurry fans have come to expect from this series. Dare one hope for more Flurry adventures? This reader certainly does. The Assassin's Pact: Flurry the Bear, Book 6 is most highly recommended.


The Assassin’s Pact is book 6 in the Flurry the Bear series by J.S. Skye, a hypnotic narrative involving a compelling cast of bear cubs. Flurry and his brothers have just defeated the dreaded Black Bear’d and his crew of pirates, and are now on their way home. But this isn’t going to be an easy journey because they are faced with even graver dangers than those they just overcame. They are ambushed by fierce and dangerous feline assassins who are bent on eliminating Flurry. But these felines are just the tip of the iceberg, because the most dreaded adversary, Isangrim the wolf, is getting ready for a very dangerous assault. Can Flurry and his team muster up enough courage to defeat such an enemy?

Readers are again plunged into a pulse-pounding story, packed with nonstop action and featuring characters they will root for. This is a story that will entice young minds and bring a lot of delight to mature readers as well. In a captivating setting, J.S. Skye’s writing is cinematic, laced with arresting visual images and intense action. Here is a story that brilliantly showcases the strength of teamwork and features characters that take responsibility for their destiny. It will be a great delight to fans of animal tales and pet lovers. The story is told in a voice that hypnotizes and it is interesting how the author confers human values and qualities upon his characters. The Assassin’s Pact will have the reader riveted from the first to the very last page.


The Assassin's Pact by J.S. Skye is the sixth book in the Flurry the Bear series. After defeating Black Bear'd and his pirates, Flurry and his friends are finally ready to make the return home. When their journey is ambushed by a pack of felines, they discover a startling alliance with their former enemy, Isangrim, and his wolf pack who plan to enact revenge against Flurry and Vallidore. As they fight for survival, Flurry discovers a startling revelation that could prove to be more dire than anything they've faced before. Flurry must band together with his friends to stop Isangrim and return home.

Another must-read adventure from J.S. Skye! Flurry has come a long way since his journey began. He's gone up against wolves, pirates, and Jack Frost, and established himself as a hero. He's more grounded, more team orientated, and has a closer relationship with his sister, but with the same spark and innocence. The wolf Isangrim was one of the villains from the second Flurry book, and has returned completely obsessed by the need for vengeance. More of Vallidore's history and his relationship with Flurry is explored, as he devotes himself to protecting Flurry and his friends. He takes the role of almost a father figure, for he guides them and acts as their protector.

Flurry and his friends are heroes. They've been in battles, saved lives, and learned to work together, but through it all Skye keeps them grounded. They may be talking teddy bears and animals, but they're still children. They miss their mom, tease each other, and view the world the innocent way children would. Betrayal is an undercurrent throughout the story as Vallidore reveals the betrayal he faced at the paws of Isangrim. But it's also seen with Boaz and Honja, as Boaz doesn't want to forgive Honja after he discovers his friend can speak their language and kept it a secret this whole time. Charming and delightful, The Assassin's Pact continues Flurry's journey as a hero, bringing him back to an old enemy and packing a lot of action, humor, and heart into another wonderful and dangerous adventure.


When we last left Flurry, we saw the return of an adversary believed to have been killed. Infuriated by the teddy bear cub's continual interference, the enemy had decided to take matters into their own hands and sent Theran to hunt him down and destroy him. In the wake of his last adventure, Flurry had discovered a new purpose, the desire to help others, but not everyone believes his motives are as pure and selfless as he implies. After all, Flurry had always loved the attention, and his new heroics were earning him it in spades.

Reunited with his sister, Fall, who has come to lead them home, Flurry and his team begin their latest adventure. But reaching their homeland proves more of a challenge than they anticipated; allies part ways and, with a cut-throat gang of feline assassins on his tail, Flurry must use everything he knows, and the relationships and trust he's built to ensure their survival. Join Flurry and his friends as they face dangerous odds and hidden ruins in J.S. Skye's Flurry the Bear Book 6:The Assassin's Pact.

If you thought adventures on the high seas and pirates were thrilling, just wait until you cross paths with the vicious feline assassins! J.S. Skye has done it again, creating an entertaining, action packed story for the whole family. This thrilling adventure is a roller coaster of action and emotions. It is both heart-warming, and sombre, written with flair and style that will tug at your heartstrings, making it difficult not to fall in love with the cast of adorable and diverse characters and the detailed world in which they live. Another great book!


The Granted Wish - 5 Star Reviews!

My first book in Flurry the Bear's series, The Granted Wish, has five outstanding 5 STAR reviews!

~J.S. Skye



I believe one of the most important ingredients of a child’s book is an appealing and adorable character. In The Granted Wish, by J.S. Skye, that character is Flurry. This little bear is a mischievous bundle of curiosity who gets himself into all kinds of difficulties. Much to the dismay of his parents, he gets into more trouble than he can handle and the consequences lead his life in a whole different direction. As Flurry goes through his journey, he comes up against his own ideas of beauty and humility. But not all is lost as Christopher Kringle steps in to help him learn to be a better bear.

This is a sweet story about love and consequences, vanity and growth. The Granted Wish by J.S. Skye is a unique winter tale filled with charm. It also teaches good life lessons in a way that allows children to hear and learn. Flurry is a wonderful scamp who has a long way to go, and I believe this is what makes him so relatable to child readers. This book is perfect for curling up on the couch together on a winter night while your children are waiting for the holidays. The writing is perfect for a young reader, with plenty of imagery and action to keep their attention. J.S. Skye creates a terrific world of magical characters and brings a fresh perspective to Christmas tales. I recommend this book to any young family that wants to bring a little wintry magic into their holidays.


The Granted Wish: Flurry the Bear, Book 1 is an animal fantasy novel for children and preteens written by J.S. Skye. Far up in the North, nearly the North Pole, in fact, there’s a little town called Ursus where teddy bear cubs and their families live, go to school and play. One of their most eagerly anticipated events occurs during the Christmas Season. Each year, Christopher Kringle and his wife host a party for the teddy bear cubs, where cookies and other goodies are served and stories are told. Mrs. Kringle asked the cubs which story they’d like to hear as they all enjoyed the warmth of the fireplace and their cookies. One cub shouted out the name of Flurry, and the other cubs were thrilled with the thought of hearing a story about the famous adventuring bear. Another cub suggested they hear the real story about how Flurry lost his tail. Then a young woman named Nomi came to the door and was invited in. The cubs, the Kringles and Nomi all settled in, and Nomi began to read.

J.S. Skye’s animal fantasy novel for children and preteens, The Granted Wish: Flurry the Bear, Book 1, is the first book in a six-part series about the interplanetary adventures of Flurry the Bear. I had a grand time getting to learn about the early life of Flurry and am looking forward to reading more about this iconic teddy bear explorer. Skye’s hero is not without his flaws and reading about his mischief-making and vanity issues made him become more real and gave him a welcome complexity. Skye’s reinvention of Santa as Christopher Kringle is also an imaginative and fun take on the legendary figure. The Granted Wish is well-written, and the plot is an enthralling one that blends science fiction, fantasy and adventure quite well. The Granted Wish: Flurry the Bear, Book 1 is most highly recommended.


The pleasant little village of Ursus in the land of Mezarim (the North Pole) is home to Christopher (Santa) and Catherine Kringle and a large number of live teddy bears in this delightful children’s story by J.S. Skye. The Kringles love to entertain the cubs and the cubs love the treats of hot chocolate, warm chocolate chip cookies and, best of all, stories by the fireplace. The Granted Wish: Flurry the Bear, Book 1 is their favorite story about a famous little bear named Flurry. Mr. and Mrs. Snow are well-loved members of the teddy bear community, but have not had the good fortune to have a cub of their own. One Christmas, Mrs. Snow is lucky enough to be selected for Christopher’s annual special wish when she can have the cub she and her husband have wanted so much. After using the softest, whitest fur she could get at the local shop to create a bear cub, she and her husband wait for the magic moment when Christopher will whisper “Flurry! Wake up!” and their wish will come true.

Flurry is the most adorable cub anyone has ever seen, but he always manages to get into trouble with his enthusiasm and curiosity. When his parents don’t know what else to do, Mr. Snow takes Flurry to Christopher, who decides Flurry needs some responsibility and puts him in charge of the teddy bear production line. Things go well until one day when there is an accident and Flurry is whisked off to earth. Only Christopher knows what is going to happen as Flurry learns an important lesson.

For a delightful and inspiring children’s story sure to enchant young readers, J.S. Skye’s The Granted Wish: Flurry the Bear, Book 1 can’t be beat. With adorable characters and non-stop action that all children can relate to, this wonderfully and lovingly written story imparts some important lessons within the fun, games and excitement. I loved the characters and the lessons so cleverly included! Perfect for Christmas or any time of the year, this is one book that should be found on every child’s bookshelf. A perfect beginning to a series.


The Granted Wish by J.S. Skye is the first volume in the enchanting children's series, Flurry the Bear. Flurry is a white teddy bear, somewhat of a legend in the eyes of other teddy bears. When a group of little teddy bear cubs meets to listen to a story, they all demand to hear a story about Flurry. Most are interested in learning the truth about why the famous teddy has no tail. Flurry himself had told different kids different stories - most of them full of adventures, and apparently his tail had been bitten off by one or the other dangerous creature. The truth, however, is a bit different from what Flurry told - but also less entertaining. Flurry gets in trouble all the time, even though he means well and never intends to cause problems or upset others. His parents ask Christopher for help, and he has a great idea. But, as with many great ideas, they often do not quite lead down an easy path as Flurry finds out again. And again.

I picked up The Granted Wish by J.S. Skye because I needed a bit of a lift and a story about a place filled with teddies seemed to fit the bill! It is a lovely story, and children will immediately fall in love with the vivid characters (not just because most of them are teddy bears!). As an adult reader, I was able to appreciate the way the story is told and could leave the world behind me for a few delightful hours. Writing books for children isn't easy, and when it is well done, it speaks to people of all ages. Flurry's story is one of those tales that will touch all readers. You can't help but cheer the little guy on during his various, partially chaotic adventures. And this one is only the start! I also liked that the book has a bigger print to make it easy for kids to say that they have read over 200 pages and feel a little proud of their achievement, yet the bigger print doesn't make the book look childish or unattractive. It's well done, and I enjoyed spending time with Flurry and Co.


The Granted Wish (Flurry the Bear, Book One) by J.S. Skye is an enchanting story about a young teddy bear named Flurry. Flurry gets into a lot of trouble, although he doesn't mean to. Eventually, his family turns to Chris Kringle for help, and he offers Flurry a job at his toy factory. But one day, while Flurry is at work, he gets too close to the conveyor belt carrying bears that looked exactly like him and falls onto it. He gets packaged up and sent to a place called Middleasia, along with a bunch of other toys. When Flurry finally manages to call home, Chris decides that he must stay there until he learns humility. Will Flurry ever get home? Will Flurry learn humility?

I really enjoyed reading The Granted Wish (Flurry the Bear, Book One) by J.S. Skye. The story is amazingly well written and very descriptive. I liked the way the story was told, with one of the characters reading the story to a crowd of teddy bears; it was a very original idea. I liked how the story has an underlying Christmas theme, but it could be read at any time of the year. I was hooked by the first page and I never wanted to put the book down. Children will like that a cute little teddy bear is the star of the story. Flurry is a very relatable character, because many children have gotten in trouble, despite having meant the best. The book has many exciting scenes that will make the reader gasp aloud. I can't wait to read the next adventure in the series! I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.