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Custom Icons

Well, I finally got them done. It took me a while, but I got all of the custom desktop folder icons finished. They can be used on any computer for any kind of customization you want to use for file folders and more. I really love the character icons. I look forward to making Chingu or Tomodachi an icon on my computer, they just look so cool.

The icons weren't hard to do, nor were they time consuming, but I've been busy working on many projects that I hope to reveal soon. So I have been dedicating time to the big projects and kept putting off the new icons until now. However, they're done now so go check them out here!

~J.S. Skye


New Splash Page

I've been super excited about this for a long time. I didn't want to reveal any details about this until it was done. Now it's done! Yay!

Flurry's website now has a brand new splash page. I wanted something more dynamic and aesthetically intriguing than what was up previously. Ludo Lullabi did the pencil drawing and Anthony Washington colored it. They are both amazing artists. You can click on their names to see more of their amazing work.

~J.S. Skye



I'm pleased to say that I made some brand new avatars. These avatars are exclusively on this website. I have different avatars that are available elsewhere, but the best ones are right here on Flurry's official website. I'm planning to get some new desktop icons made really soon.

In other news, I recently attended the Indypendent Show in Indianapolis. It was a nice opportunity to meet other creators in the area. I made some new contacts and got some new ideas for future Flurry the Bear stuff.

My fifth novel is still coming along nicely. I'm happy to say the cover for it is all finished. I'm planning on revealing it soon. I'm also doing something exciting with my first four novels. I plan to release a special edition of each of them in conjunction with the release of my fifth novel. I'm also working on a top secret project that is also going to connect to my fifth novel. I expect to make announcements about these other projects in the near future. Stay tuned!

~J.S. Skye


A Novel Update

Yes, the pun was intended.

Many have asked, so I feel it's about that time to give an update on what's going on behind the scenes here in Flurry land.

First of all, I know it has been a while since my last novel. Do not fret, it's on the way. In fact, it's right around the corner, so just be patient. I hate setting dates for the release of any of my novels, but fans ask me constantly. I guess it's good that I have fans that deeply care about Flurry and are excited to get their hands on my latest book. I'm very grateful for that. So when someone asks when my next book will be coming out I give an estimation. For the next installment in Flurry's novel series I gave the estimated month of May, and then I moved it to August, but now I don't want to say anything out of fear of the date getting moved back even farther.

So here's the thing. I know Flurry fans are excited about the next book and want to read it as soon as possible. However, these delays mean good things for Flurry fans. The more my novel is delayed the more amazing it is going to be. I often finish writing something and then figuratively sit on it for a while. I quite often have fresh ideas that come to me later on. I frequently come back to my finished book and tweak it with the addition of more details and exciting moments. For example, I'm planning my novel series to be a grand total of twelve novels. I also have some standalone novels planned as well. I even have a spinoff trilogy in the works. What this means is that I need to make sure that all of my novels are coherent and blend properly. I also want to put in little hints and clues as to what could be coming next. I have hidden such clues throughout all of my books so far. Some of these clues have yet to come to fruition, but be patient and you'll get answers to any nagging questions you have from the previous stories.

Ultimately, my novel series is very near and dear to my heart and I want to produce only the best stories. I have had an exciting time writing the fifth book. As a token of my appreciation to my fans, I will give a sneak peek into what is coming. My fifth novel is named The Rising Tide. It's a pirate story that involves two ship captains that are bitter enemies. You can read about these two captains here on the website. The good captain is named White Cloud and the evil captain is Black Bear'd. This novel is going to be an epic pirate adventure involving sword fights, ship battles, and treasure, of course. In fact, there is going to be so much going on that this book will be very closely tied into the events of book six.

Another detail to this new book is that it will be the first in the series where all of Flurry's brothers are on the adventure. That's right; Noah, Caboose, Boaz, and Honja are all along for the ride this time. There will be new characters introduced such as White Cloud, Black Bear'd, Theran, and Shinyuu. You remember Chingu from the third book, right? Shinyuu is one of Chingu's older brothers. Chingu has a total of six older brothers. Shinyuu is a goofy fellow and he adds a lot of humor to the book. This novel will also have the return of Chingu and Drizzle, so if you liked them from the third book, they will be back again in this one.

I plan to give a glimpse at the book cover very soon. Stay tuned!

~J.S. Skye