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Chronicles - Volume 1

Chronicles - Volume 1 Travel with Flurry across a vast world, full of action and adventure. If pirates, red panda samurai, epic battles, and swordfights get your adrenaline pumping, look no further. Flurry and his friends continue their treks across the globe in search of excitement, fortune, and glory.

This volume is a collection of the first four Flurry the Bear novels and two additional tales that are exclusive only to this book.

Included in this volume is Flurry’s origin story The Christmas Wish, his first adventure in The Land of the Sourpie, his run-in with the most evil of villains in The Throne of Frost, and his epic battle against all odds in The Book of Snow. In addition to the first four novels, there’s one short story and an extensive, action-packed prologue to Flurry’s upcoming novel The Rising Tide.

Make today your day to discover Flurry in this special installment of the legend of Flurry. Flurry has many adventures yet to embark upon and a destiny waiting to be discovered. Get on board now so that you may join this beloved teddy bear on his rollercoaster ride of a life!

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