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Novel 2 - The Land of the Sourpie

Novel 2 - The Land of the Sourpie SYNOPSIS:

Three months have passed since Flurry arrived in Middleasia. Flurry greatly enjoys his new life away from his homeland. However, just when everything seems to be going splendidly for the cub, Flurry receives a most startling surprise.

During a return visit to Ursus, Flurry discovers he is no longer an only child. Emotions ensue and jealousies rage, but Flurry must set aside his pride in order to rescue his sister and friend from the clutches of the evil cats of Agrio. Flurry will need to utilize his wits to not only protect those he loves, but also to save their land from impending doom.

Join Flurry on his first of many great adventures as he travels to the distant and dangerous jungle in the forbidden land of the Sourpie.

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