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Novel 6 - The Assassin's Pact

Novel 6 - The Assassin's Pact SYNOPSIS:

Two months have passed since Flurry and his brothers defeated Black Bear’d and his pirate crew. Their route through Erminea is filled with danger every step of the way.

Their journey home is delayed when they are ambushed by feline assassins intent on Flurry’s demise. The cubs must think on their feet and work as a team to survive. However, the cats are the least of their worries.

Little does Flurry know, the cats are in league with Isangrim the wolf. In the face of such a powerful adversary, Flurry wonders if he can prevail a second time.

Join Flurry in his epic struggle over the forces of darkness as he teams up with the valiant cat warriors of Tikalico to protect his friends and bring everyone home to Ursus.

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Skye (Churchianity Pandemic: The Blood, 2017, etc.) pits Flurry the bear against cat assassins in the latest installment of his children’s fantasy series.

Following their battle with Black Bear’d and his pirates, the walking, talking teddy bear Flurry and his fuzzy sidekicks have traveled through the animal kingdoms for two months, adventuring with old friends and winning admiration from the critters that they’ve helped. When Flurry tries to finally head for home, however, he and his friends are attacked by the cat assassins of Queen Necatual and the wolves of Furry’s old enemy, Isangrim. With the help of his pal Vallidore the wolf and the cat warrior Purratus, Flurry and his companions escape and travel to the safe cat city of Tikalico. There, under the guidance of allies old and new, they plan to strike at the true enemies behind the recent chaos. Furry learns that Necatual is working with Theran, a sorcerer who Flurry recently tangled with in his battle against the pirates. What’s more, Theran holds information about the return of Flurry’s greatest enemy of all: Jack Frost. It’s cats and wolves versus cats and wolves in this battle, with Flurry—as always—right at the center. Skye’s prose is clean, and the story speeds along like others in the series. The author excels at shuffling old characters in and out while adding new ones, playing personalities off of each other in order to create tension within the group. This volume doesn’t work as a stand-alone; much of the plot revolves around previous events and establishing conflicts for future episodes. Even so, Flurry fans will enjoy the storylines’ progression.

A spirited, if business-heavy, addition to this bear-centric fantasy series.

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