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Black Bear'd

Black Bear'd Black Bear'd is a vicious and ruthless pirate. He is feared by all who travel the seas. He has a reputation of being without mercy, and he won't hesitate to eliminate anyone in his path.

During his adolescent years, his family was killed in a raid by Viking polar bear tribes from the north. He was taken as a slave and forced to work in the mines. His tremendous strength and determination impressed a visiting king from another land. This king paid for his release and took him to a new land, where he was forced to be a gladiator for the entertainment of the people in that kingdom. However, he was not one to be ruled by anyone. He instigated a rebellion. Black Bear'd and his fellow gladiators found a way to break free, laid waste to the city, and brought the king to an untimely grave. The other gladiators joined him and became part of his crew.

Over the midst of his conquests, he has accumulated riches and a fearsome reputation among the many nations. His very name instills fear in all that hear it. Some say that he sought evil spirits to give him a small measure of mystical powers. This may be nothing more than a story to continue to frighten others, but some claim it is true, and that the tips of his beard and his eyes glow like burning flames. Those that are more skeptical think it may be a show to perpetuate the legends, but there is no mistaking the power Black Bear'd has over others.

He commands an enormous ship named the Arctos. Few have seen his ship and lived, but the story says that it is a warship with forty cannons. Black Bear'd and White Cloud are sworn enemies and have fought against each other countless times. White Cloud seeks revenge on Black Bear'd for murdering his father and burning his father's ship while at sea. White Cloud will not rest until Black Bear'd is met with Cloud’s ruthless vengeance. Cloud intends to bring Black Bear’d’s tyrannical rule of the high seas to an end.