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Boaz Boaz, pronounced as (bōˈăz), is a plush lion. Boaz is exceptionally smart and enjoys spending his time reading, studying, or working with computers. His love for knowledge creates the appearance of indifference, but being the diligent fact seeker that he is, Boaz is often too preoccupied to play games with his plush brothers.

Boaz is the one that Flurry can always count on to solve his problems for him. In fact, Boaz has a reputation for getting his brothers out of the messes that Flurry gets them all into. Without Boaz’s help, Flurry might not have gotten out of some really dangerous situations. After many months on the road together, Boaz has become the chief navigator of their group. He keeps track of all of the maps and charts. He keeps meticulous records in his journal, and he is keeper of the treasury. Sadly, Boaz also finds himself in the role of Flurry’s public relations ambassador, since he has to smooth over so many situations that were created by Flurry.

Boaz and Honja are the closest of the brothers. Due to Boaz’s love for knowledge, he taught himself Honja’s native language so they can communicate clearly with one another. He acts as a translator for Honja, though it is often in vain since Flurry just makes up his own assumptions about what he thinks Honja is saying.