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Caboose Caboose is a plush polar bear. He is very kind, innocent, and unsuspecting. Some might go so far as to describe him as naive, but he is a happy-go-lucky fellow. He believes the best about everyone and is quick to trust the words and actions of others. This character trait certainly has made him an easy target to be fooled by Flurry.

Flurry takes advantage of Caboose quite often. Caboose is very quick to forgive and forget, regardless of the offense. He is a very loyal and devoted friend to Flurry. Caboose mimics Flurry in many ways. He regards Flurry as his hero and role model. If Flurry tells Caboose anything, Caboose will never question it. Well, most of the time he won’t.

Sadly, Flurry uses Caboose as a scapegoat when he gets caught doing something he should not. When found out, Flurry often runs away and shouts, “Caboose did it!” to escape disciplinary action. Luckily for Caboose, their adopted mother and father are smart enough to see through Flurry’s false blame shifting. In the end, Caboose always forgets about it, and they are back to being buddies in no time.

Caboose can be described as being very inquisitive and curious. He likes to explore and marvel at the simplest things. It makes him very endearing, and his mother admires this about him very much. Caboose manages to find a special place in everyone’s heart. He does not have any hobbies other than exploring. He is easily entertained by simply watching the rain fall or by observing butterflies fly around in the yard. For Caboose, life is very simple.