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Catherine Kringle

Catherine Kringle Catherine was once known as Katie Allmhurán to her family and friends. She is the middle child of three sisters, and grew up in the country of Celtainne with her father Gaelin and mother Bedelia. When she was fourteen, her village was raided, resulting in the death of her eldest sister Finola. She vowed to find those that murdered her sister and have her revenge. She spent years on the road searching without any luck. When she was seventeen, she found herself far from her home and without any money. An elf named Calgrif took her in and trained her in the arts of archery and hunting.

Many years later, she met a young man from Ingvae named Nikolas. She could not speak his language and chose to call him Nick. Nikolas understood enough of her Gaeilge tongue to communicate basic thoughts or ideas he wanted to convey. When Nikolas learned of her desire to return home, he decided to help her. Their long journey together grew their bond as they fought side-by-side in various battles.

When she returned home, she found that her mother had died from a fatal disease two years prior. Her younger sister Nessa had married and moved away. Only her father remained in her childhood home. She spent nearly a year with her father to take care of him. He had become too weak and frail to look after himself. After his passing, Katie enlisted in the army of the Great King. Little did she expect to see Nikolas among the ranks. During her time in the service of the Great King, Katie learned to speak Polarin, which enabled her to communicate with Nikolas more easily. Nikolas was reassigned, and she did not see him again during her service to the Great King.

After her time of service was up, the Great King granted her a special gift. She was given heightened senses to improve her skills as a hunter and archer. Her first destination was to go visit her sister Nessa, but she found the village had been burnt to the ground. Uncertain of her sister’s fate, she began her hunt for those responsible. This quest was more fruitful than her first attempt at vengeance. She quickly learned that Nero, the general of Jack Frost’s army, had been responsible for the charred city ruins. She formed a rogue band of rebels to attack Jack Frost on every front. Her guerrilla tactics worked at first, but Nero discovered and crushed her rebellion. It was not long after that when she discovered that Nikolas was responsible for giving Jack Frost life. Filled with rage, she sought to find him. If she could not touch Jack, safe behind the walls of his fortress, she would make Nikolas pay for Jack’s crimes instead.

Katie returned to the Great King to exact her revenge. However, Nikolas was not there. The Great King told her that Nikolas had left on a mission to stop Jack shortly after she had finished her time in the army. He showed her the truth behind her motives and Nikolas’s. Her eyes were opened to Nikolas’s good intentions. She realized that he was equally distraught about the mayhem that Jack Frost had caused. Nikolas had vowed to defeat Jack and had been on a mission to help all that were harmed by the evil red panda.

Katie left in search of Nikolas. When she found him, he had been in hiding for a great while. Many blamed him for the horrors brought upon the nations by Jack Frost. In Ebongreene Forest, Katie finally caught up with Nikolas, where they reunited and renewed their friendship.

After Jack’s defeat and imprisonment, the Great King gave Katie and Nikolas an even greater gift. They would only age one year for every thousand that passed by. She decided to go by the name Catherine if Nikolas would go by his first name, Christopher, which she liked better. Later, the two married and became known as Christopher and Catherine Kringle. They thought their name changes suited them since it was a new beginning for the entire world.

They were instrumental in the healing and rebuilding of the nations. Together, they were beacons of hope in a new era of peace. The Kringles built a new city named Polaris. This was the northernmost city, easily reached by any nation and a sanctuary to any that seek refuge. Not far off, they built the village of Ursus and erected their home on the outskirts of the little town. To this day, Catherine and her husband rule over the northern land of Mezarim and provide protection for anyone in need.

Catherine and Christopher have built a reputation for being very kind and generous. Since becoming a newlywed, Catherine has fallen in love with the culinary arts. She takes great joy cooking for others. She is still sharp with her bow and often goes hunting with her wolf companion Vallidore.