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Chingu The youngest of seven brothers, Chingu is the most devoted, loyal, and faithful of his siblings. Having had a prophetic dream, Chingu’s father also saw admirable traits in his youngest son. He deemed Chingu worthy of the calling to be the Protector, despite the claims of Chingu’s older brothers. Giving this title and the legendary sword to Chingu has caused tremendous strife and division among the brothers. The eldest brothers do not think Chingu is worthy of such an honor. Chingu's father has mixed feelings about the situation. He does not love Chingu as much as his other sons, but he has enough wisdom to see that Chingu is the most worthy to wield the sword and the most dedicated to the cause of the Protectors.

Each of Chingu's brothers are Protectors of their own territories. Being one of the Protectors is not an easy calling. The destiny of a Protector is that of hardship, endurance, and perseverance. Chingu has dedicated his entire life to training his mind and body to be a weapon against all evil and to stand in the face of danger to protect the innocent and helpless.

As the Protector, Chingu carries the legendary sword of Tomodachi the Great. This sword is an heirloom passed down through his family line and is only given to the most worthy to take up the mantle of the Protector.

All of the protectors are from Tomodachi's bloodline and sworn enemies of the evil Jack Frost. Chingu must defend all of the nations, lands, and kingdoms from Jack's evil. He is also called upon by numerous individuals for jobs involving protection, due to his reputation as a renowned warrior. Chingu always gets the job done, no matter what the personal cost may be.

Chingu's sword is a very special sword. It was given to Tomodachi 7,000 years ago. It was a gift from the Great King and was forged by Khima. This rare and precious metal makes the blade glow blue when pure evil is present.