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Drizzle Drizzle Rain has had a difficult home life. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rain, modeled his design after Flurry. They adored Flurry so much that they wanted their son to look just like him. When they went to the store to buy fur, the storekeeper was still out of white fur, so they decided to use black fur instead.

Christopher Kringle gave life to Drizzle, but he was never quite like the other cubs. His parents immediately noticed how different their son was. Drizzle had a difficult time making friends. He did not pick up on the subtleties of social interactions. He took everything literally and did not interpret voice tone or body language to have meanings other than the words he heard come from the mouth of others. He was mocked and picked on in school and struggled tremendously with his assignments.

Drizzle’s parents grew bitter toward Christopher Kringle. In their heart, they blamed him for giving them a defective son. Over time, Drizzle’s parents would simply ignore him and treat him as if he were a stranger. They did not care what he did or where he went. They withheld all affection from him. Drizzle grew ever so lonely. His sense of abandonment was overwhelming. He was without friends, and he often felt like his life was meaningless.

When he met Chingu the Protector, things changed. Chingu became his first true friend. The two bonded, and eventually Drizzle joined Chingu on the road. Chingu valued Drizzle’s keen mind and thought of Drizzle as a master strategist. Together, they embarked on many adventures. After some time with Chingu, Drizzle decided to never return home, and has been on the road with Chingu ever since.