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Fall Flurry is not the only adorable teddy bear in the Snow family. He has a little sister named Fall. When Flurry was sent away from Ursus, it was hard for his parents to be apart from their only son. They had a void in their lives that Flurry had always been there to fill. Christopher Kringle was aware of their pain. Shortly after Flurry’s departure, Christopher brought a special gift to the Snow household.

Wrapped in a blue blanket, he lay an adorable little cub in Mr. Kringle’s arms. He presented her to the Snow family, and they were overly ecstatic about their new family member. Nothing could fill the empty spot that Flurry had left in their hearts, but Fall certainly helped numb their pain and give them newfound joy.

Fall has wisdom beyond her years. Despite being younger, she often behaves with much more maturity than her brother. She is playful, witty, and has an infectious laugh. Unfortunately for Flurry, Fall can be a bit of a prankster at times. She often knows how to get Flurry all worked up. Flurry was not happy about having a sister. Flurry was extremely jealous of Fall at first, but they worked out the kinks in their relationship. Despite getting along most of the time, Fall enjoys teasing her brother for the fun of getting a rise out of him, and it always works.

Fall likes to read, cook, and be outdoors. She has learned a lot from her mother and is always a welcomed guest whenever she comes to visit Flurry in Middleasia. Like her brother, she has a bit of a thirst for adventure. She hates being excluded from things just for being a girl and often fights for equal rights along with the rest of the boys. She is very independent and will often speak her mind. Fall also has a heart of gold with a tremendous amount of love for her brother, despite all the headaches he causes her.