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Flurry Christopher Kringle granted Mr. and Mrs. Snow’s wish and gave life to Flurry. He was immediately loved by the villagers of Ursus. His mother named him Flurry, due to his fur being whiter than snow. Mrs. Snow took inspiration from the statue at the village center when she crafted her boy cub. She wanted Flurry to walk in the footsteps of greatness and heroism. She got more than she bargained for.

Flurry has an insatiable lust for adventure. He has become so addicted to the lifestyle of an adventurer that he often finds himself restless during down times. As a result of all of his experiences, he struggles with the unpleasant recollection of the evils he has seen. His sleep is riddled with nightmares. He has seen more than most adults see in their entire lifetime. However, Flurry only feels alive when he is in the thick of it all.

He has a big heart and wants to help everyone he can. Yet, he struggles with his own character flaws, which get him into trouble more often than he would like to admit. During his time in Ursus, so many had praised him for his cute looks, that it went to his head. Due to his pride and vanity, Flurry ended up stranded in a distant country with a new family. Christopher Kringle will not allow Flurry to return home until he can learn his lesson in humility.

During his time away from Ursus, Flurry has made many new friends. He continues to fight against all kinds of evils and vows to put an end to Jack Frost once and for all.