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Honja Honja, pronounced as (hōnjä), is the loner of the group. His reclusive nature fuels his desire to keep to himself. He does not like to be bothered. He also has a bit of a temper and gets easily irritated. Honja does not like to be petted, held, or touched by anyone. More than anything, he gets really angry when he is mistaken for a mouse.

Honja gets along with Boaz the best. He appreciates that Boaz took the time to try and understand him and speak with him. Due to Boaz’s effort to learn Honja’s native language, Honja warmed up to him. Honja understands what Flurry and the others are saying, but he does not speak their language. Flurry often makes assumptions about what he thinks Honja is or is not saying. This behavior infuriates Honja. The rabbit often runs off or sulks in a corner somewhere, though he has been known to head-butt or bite at times.

Honja enjoys his collection of music. He will often play on his drum set or DJ when the others are not around. When it comes to playing with his brothers, Honja prefers to play games that do not require other participants.