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Isangrim Isan comes from the land of Canidore. During his youth, he was good friends with another wolf named Val. Isan and Val were inseparable until their love for a fellow she wolf drove a wedge between them. Isan grew bitter, but kept it to himself while he secretly plotted his revenge.

Val’s father was the jarl and alpha wolf of Canidore. When the time came, the title of jarl was passed on to Val. His name changed to Vallidore. One day, Isan challenged Vallidore. It was to be a fight to the death, but Isan cheated to ensure his victory. He failed to kill Vallidore, but he did defeat him in battle, which secured his right to rule Pack Vallidore as his own. Most of Pack Vallidore submitted to Isan as their new jarl, as was their tradition. Isan took on his new title of Jarl Isangrim.

Now the alpha male of the wolf pack, he renamed his band of wolves Pack Isangrim. Other wolf packs disputed his claim to rule, and division among the different wolf packs ensued. There was civil unrest, and skirmishes riddled the land for many years. Eventually, the other wolf packs succeeded in expelling Isangrim from the land.

Isangrim settled in the land of Felonin and made his throne in a cave he named Isangrand. It was in Felonin that he befriended an unwitting cat named Pan'twar, later known as King Sourpuss. Isangrim and Necatual each played a role in Pan'twar betraying his own brother in a coup that ultimately failed, which resulted in his banishment from the great city of Tikalico. Isangrim tricked Pan'twar into believing he would help him fight against Tikalico. However, Isangrim later betrayed Pan'twar and stole his necklace. The wearer of the necklace is granted long life and good health. The only thing that prevented Isangrim from devouring Pan'twar and his clowder of cats was the curse put upon them by Pan’twar’s brother, King Ja'gwar of Tikalico.

From that point on, Isangrim ruled much of Felonin through fear. He will torment anyone and take anything he pleases. No one dares to stand against him.