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Jack Frost

Jack Frost Jack’s life sprang up from a much more innocent beginning, compared to what he has now become. Christopher Kringle found infant Jack near death in the mountains on a cold, harsh day. Christopher nursed Jack back to health and stayed by his side for many days. When Jack regained his strength, he followed Christopher wherever he went. Christopher found the red panda’s behavior endearing and allowed him to tag along. Before long, they were constant companions. They embarked on many adventures together.

When Christopher left the service of the Great King, he was given a special gift to breathe life into anything he chose. Jack was Christopher’s best friend, so he gave Jack the ability to think and reason like a man.

Jack and Christopher continued to be best friends for a long while. Some would say they were inseparable. Jack learned, grew, and matured as he interacted with others. He played a pivotal role in overseeing the creation of the original teddy bear village. He was also an ambassador to the elves, on Christopher’s behalf. They spent many wonderful and joyful years as best friends.

However, there was a seed of darkness deep down in Jack’s heart. At a very young age, he was thought of as the most adorable of all red pandas. He was admired and praised by any and all that saw him. The admiration of his beauty quickly went to his head. Jack expected the adoration of others, as if it were their duty to praise him. Whenever someone did not acknowledge his good looks, he grew angry and bitter. As time passed, Jack’s heart grew hard and hateful. He decided that if he were to rule over everyone, he could demand that others bow down to him. Jack demanded that the surrounding nations bow down and worship him. He thought of himself not only as a king but as a deity.

Many refused to bow to his wicked will, so he forced the different nations into submission through violence. The various Kingdoms rose up against him. What seemed like Jack’s defeat only fueled his rage. The darkness grew so much that any good that might have remained in him became as cold as ice. He was given the nickname Frost. All the nations either despised or feared him.

Jack plotted his revenge. He amassed a great force of polar bear warriors and recruited an arctic fox army. He gave one arctic fox named Nero full command over his entire military force. Jack sent Nero out to conquer in his name. Nero was cruel and unrelenting. Without mercy, Nero stamped out any that would dare rebel or challenge Jack’s claim to the world’s throne.

Due to Jack’s growing power and ruthlessness, many turned on Christopher Kringle and blamed him for the horrors brought upon their lands. Hatred was the only emotion that came at the sound of the name Kringle. If not for Christopher, Jack would never have existed. Christopher went into hiding and would sneak around at night, to leave gifts for those that had been oppressed by Jack. Nobody knew what had happened to Christopher until one fateful day, when a brave red panda samurai dared to challenge Jack’s claim to rule. All the nations had grown to fear Jack so much that nobody had the courage to rise up against him, until Tomodachi the Great inspired the nations to join together as one and put an end to Jack.

Jack was imprisoned in ice for seven thousand years. Now free again, he has begun to gather a new army. He is exceptionally wise. The crafty red panda does not make the same mistake twice. He has had plenty of time to plot his revenge during his imprisonment. With his new allies and power, Jack intends to finish what he started ages ago. He is determined to bring every nation to its knees in worship of his greatness. Anyone that resists will be destroyed.

Jack has power over the ice and snow. This power was tapped from a stone known as Kaldur’s Tear. Jack wore it around his neck, but when he faced Vallidore in battle the chain broke and the necklace was lost when his palace collapsed in on him.

With the help of the evil sorcerer Theran, Jack was saved from death, but at a high price. Jack has been prematurely aged, and his right eye has gone dead. Jack replaced his right eye with Kaldur’s Tear and is now on the hunt for any and all relics linked to the ancient Ry’el known as Kaldur. If he gets his paws on the Kaldur Stone, he will be able to freeze the entire world.