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King Ja'gwar

King Ja'gwar King Ja’gwar is the biological brother of King Pan’twar. Together, they ruled the Felonin city of Tikalico for many years. On the night of their coronation, they were each given one of two matching necklaces. These ornate pieces were passed down through their family from one king to another. The necklaces had been lost at one point in their history, but a mysterious individual brought them to Ja’gwar’s father. The gift giver disappeared shortly after presenting the gift without any explanation as to who they were, where they had gotten the necklaces, or where they had been for so many years.

The necklaces are of an unknown and mysterious origin, but were given to the Felonin nation by the Great King thousands of years ago when they forsook their evil ways and quit killing one another. King Ja’gwar’s necklace grants protection to the wearer. The wearer of the necklace can extend such protection to an entire city. Pan’twar’s necklace grants long life and good health. When working in conjunction with each other, the Felonin clowder found that they all have lived long, healthy, and peaceful lives, free from the threat of attacking nations or other troubles.

Based on the rumors of a third necklace, the king of another city waged war on Tikalico to get both of the necklaces for himself. He had heard legends that the two necklaces could lead him to the third, which supposedly has the power of eternal youth. He lost the war against Ja’gwar, and his city was completely wiped out by the warriors from Tikalico.

King Ja’gwar was accustomed to battles, but he was not prepared for the day his brother rebelled against him and sought to seize the throne for himself. About a third of the Felonin city joined King Pan’twar, and their land was blanketed in war. The casualties were innumerable, but King Ja’gwar triumphed in the end. King Pan’twar attempted to enlist the help of a pack of wolves, known as Pack Isangrim, but the alpha male of the pack betrayed King Pan’twar and stole the necklace from him.

King Ja’gwar put a curse on his brother and those that joined in the rebellion so that they should no longer enjoy life, but everything they eat or touch would be or become sour and rotten to them. They were banished to a dense, foreboding jungle around the ruins of a desolate city named Agrio. Pan’twar was renamed as King Sourpuss of the Sourpie.

King Ja’gwar has fought many battles in his day. He conquered all of the Felonin cities that dared to attack or challenge him, including those that sided with his brother. There is a lot of hostility and resentment toward him from the other Felonin nations and the Gato nation. He is not the most well liked king, but he is by no means a villain. He seeks to treat his subjects well and rule justly. Ja’gwar is fair and listens to multiple sources of counsel before he makes his decisions. However, he is no stranger to adversity. Luckily, he has his necklace to protect him and his city from a long list of enemies.

To this day, King Ja’gwar rules in Tikalico and protects his clowder from wolves and other forms of danger. Being a king has taken a toll on his physique. He likes to eat and has put on some considerable weight in his later years. The king is expecting a newborn cub to succeed him to the throne. He has high hopes that his cub will usher in a new era of peace for all of the Felonin and Gato tribes and nations.