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King Sourpuss

King Sourpuss King Sourpuss was once known as King Pan’twar. He and his brother, King Ja’gwar, both ruled the Felonin city of Tikalico. Their rule lasted many years, and the nation prospered and thrived in peace and harmony. Each brother had their own necklace with special powers. Ja’gwar’s granted him and the people protection, and Pan’twar’s granted long life. Together, the necklaces could essentially facilitate immortality for the entire city.

The necklaces were given to their clowder hundreds of years ago. In the past, the lands of Felonin and Gato were savage. The often sacrificed their own, in worship of evil deities. The Great King gave them the necklaces when the Felonin nation renounced their brutal ways. Those unwilling to do so were banished from Felonin to Gato or other nations.

Pan’twar’s necklace was handed down to him as was his family’s tradition. Pan’twar wanted to have both of the family heirlooms, but one was given to his brother. Pan’twar was the younger of the two brothers and had a reputation for letting his emotions rule over him. He was easily manipulated by others, and this weakness bore fruit in the form of an opportunist who stepped onto the scene to take advantage of Pan’twar’s weakness. This clever one would come in the dead of night and whisper sweet promises to Pan’twar.

Pan’twar was fed ideas of power and glory beyond what he already had, and his greed was fueled by the thought of not needing to share any of it with his brother. The manipulator introduced Pan’twar to a wolf named Isangrim. Isangrim promised to help Pan’twar in a rebellion to take the city of Tikalico.

A civil war raged as brother fought against brother. Pan’twar lost the war. However, it was not the victory Ja’gwar had hoped for, nor the defeat that Pan’twar dreaded. Isangrim betrayed Pan’twar and stole his necklace. King Ja’gwar put a curse upon Pan’twar and all of the members of his clowder. The curse was banishment to a ruined city named Agrio, in a foreboding forest that later became known as the Land of the Sourpie.

In this cursed place, Pan’twar was given the name King Sourpuss, and from that day forward anything he longed to eat became nothing but ashes in his mouth. The only food he and his clowder could eat was that which was bitter, rotten, or sour. From hence forth, they lived alone in the dark forest and continued to be the mean, grumpy, bitter, and sour cats they had become. They became collectively known as the Sourpie, and Pan’twar would always be known as King Sourpuss.