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Lotora Lotora is from the land of Kunteris. She once lived in a thriving city. She had her own shop and a large clientele base. She specializes in inventing and repairing machinery. To earn money, she has spent countless hours fixing clocks, personal time pieces, and music boxes. However, her passion has been trying to understand the inner workings of space and time.

She has spent years studying various texts about the rumors of a special stone known only as the Time Stone. Some refer to it as the Time Crystal. She had plans to go on a grand adventure to find the stone, but she was expecting her first cub to be born and that took precedence in her life.

Four years later, her city was attacked by Jack Frost. Nero was sent in and laid waste to everything. His flaming Kumi'hono burned the community to the ground. In the midst of the chaos, Lotora’s husband rushed into their burning home to save their daughter. A beam fell from above and pinned him. Lotora rushed to her husband’s aid, but he handed her their daughter and insisted that she escape before the roof collapsed on them all. In tears, she reluctantly escaped the flames with her daughter. Lotora handed her daughter to a family member and rushed back in to save her husband, but other bystanders pulled her away in the nick of time. The home collapsed in on him.

Lotora was filled with sorrow and rage. She blamed Jack Frost for the death of her husband and vowed to have her revenge. She made numerous inventions that she provided to others to aid their attacks on Jack. Her work caught Jack’s eye. He was impressed, but could not have her continue aiding his enemies.

One day, Jack came to Lotora and stole her daughter. Lotora vowed to set things right. She went in search of the legendary Time Stone so she could control space and time. Lotora hoped that she could change the events of the past, and possibly restore things to how they were before her husband died. She found the crystal and found a way to tap into its power through the use of a book. It took her many months to complete her project, but during the course of her work she learned that time cannot be altered. If she were to attempt to save her husband, time would course correct so that whatever happened would be what happened, regardless of any tampering on her part.

So she decided that she could use the book for another purpose …