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Lyndro Lyndro is a Leomhann warrior and a royal guard. His full name Lyndrossicarvordare, but very few can pronounce it. He lives in the city of Gargarin, which sits on the border of the Zalbin Desert and an oasis in the land of Gargarus. Conquered hundreds of years ago, the Leomhann occupy the city known as Gargarin and rule over the inhabitants peacefully.

Originally from his homeland of Leomhann, Lyndro was in a branch of the Leomhann known as the Ryeghal. The Ryeghal were typically larger than other Leomhann and could be easily distinguished by the way their horns coiled. When he was of age, Lyndro joined an elite branch of the Ryeghal military and was later stationed in Gargarin.