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Lynn Lee

Lynn Lee Also known as Flurry’s mommy, Lynn Lee was born and raised in Middleasia. After she married Jack O’Henry, they moved into a small town named Haengbokville on the outskirts of Miso City, where Jack worked. Lynn kept her maiden name, as was the tradition in her culture. She was happily married, but her family was displeased with her for marrying outside of their culture and breaking with Middleasian customs.

Lynn is a skilled martial artist. She began practicing Kung Fu when she was six years old. As an only child, her father put heavy expectations upon her. She worked hard to please her parents and studied diligently in college to become an English professor at Miso University.

In her mid-twenties, she was regarded by her family to be very successful. However, they still resented her choice in an Irish husband and living so far from her hometown. For many years, she and her husband tried to have kids, but were unable. Little did she know what was in store for her future.

Since the day she found Flurry hiding under her bedspread, nothing has ever been the same. Due to residual powers that had attached to Flurry when he was given life, he brought four of Lynn’s plush animals to life. She now has more than she bargained for with Flurry. She went from having no children to having to deal with four more little cubs – Noah, Caboose, Boaz, and Honja.

Flurry, being from Ursus, already had a family of his own. He was ordered to live with Jack and Lynn due to his pride and vanity that got him accidentally shipped to Middleasia from Mezarim. Christopher Kringle saw it to be a fitting lesson in humility. In order to keep straight which set of parents he is referring to, Flurry calls his teddy bear parents mama and papa, and Jack and Lynn as mommy and daddy.