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Mr. Snow

Mr. Snow Known only as Mr. Snow to most of the inhabitants of Ursus, his birth name was Caelius, but he goes by Caspin now. His brother Chip called him that a number of times and it stuck. Caspin has kept his true name a secret for a long time. Very few in Ursus know of his and the others’ hidden history. Long before the village of Ursus was built, before the village in Ebongreene Forest was abandoned, and even before the village of Urshire was burned to the ground, he lived in the land of Urs. Like a good number of the teddy bears of Ursus, he was once a real bear. Caspin had flesh and blood like any of the other bears from the city of Ursathirn. Jack Frost’s evil sorcerer, Alvarus, turned all of them into husk bears so they would be unable to wield weapons and be easier to slaughter. They became known as husk bears, because they were hollow on the inside. Only in recent times have they been called “teddy” bears, which was started by the bear cub that saved the villages of Urshire thousands of years ago.

Many of the husk bears have forgotten who they once were. Over time they created family members that were given life by Christopher Kringle. The Kringles often gathered up old and discarded plush bears from Polaris and gave life to them in order to populate the village of Ursus and be a help to the other bears. Two thirds of the adult bears in Ursus were once flesh and blood, but have long forgotten who they once were. The other bears are none the wiser that they aren’t all Christopher’s creations.

Caspin has a younger brother, Chip and an older brother, nicknamed Vinegar, though their real names have been kept a secret for ages. They rarely think of the life they once had, before the dark times. Mr. Snow is quite happy with his life in Ursus. He is a masterful carpenter and takes great joy in building things for others. He had hoped that his son, Flurry, would apprentice under him and follow in his bear steps, but Flurry has been a wildcard in Mr. Snow’s life.

Though he is a proud father of two, Flurry and Fall, his wife is his pride and joy. Without her, he would not be the bear he is today. She has been a light in his darkest times and an encouragement to him when he has needed it the most.