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Mrs. Snow

Mrs. Snow She is an inspired creation of Christopher Kringle’s. While Christopher was out hunting, he came across a patch of white flowers that bloomed in the midst of the snow and ice. The winter jasmines, as they were called, prompted Christopher to make a special bear whom he named Jasminy. Caspin Snow could not have been happier that Christopher was the talented artist he was. When Caspin saw Jasminy in the market one day, he fell deeply in love with her.

In their early years, Caspin often made beautifully crafted gifts carved of the finest wood. He would carve animals, flowers, and jewelry boxes for her. He playfully referred to her as Jas. Cas and Jas were admired by the other bears. They had true love and cherished every moment with each other. They soon married and are now known as Mr. and Mrs. Snow. Caspin thought it was ironic that she married into the Snow family since she had pure white fur.

Mr. and Mrs. Snow have two bear cubs, a son named Flurry and a younger daughter named Fall. In the land of Mezarim, it is customary to honor the family by using someone’s surname first, so Cas and Jas thought it was clever to name them Snow Flurry and Snow Fall.

Jasminy loves her cubs dearly. She has tried to teach them everything she knows, but Flurry has not been as easy to teach as his sister Fall. Jasminy is skilled in knitting, sewing, and cooking. She also loves to play the piano, when she finds the time.

The Snow family is a very prominent family in Ursus. They are one of the founding members of the community and have been around for thousands of years. Jasminy is well respected and looked up to by the other bears in her community.