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Necatual Necatual is also known simply as Necat, by those closest to her. Born in the region of Gato, she was raised in a prestigious city in the land of Felonin. Her father was a powerful king, but his thirst for power spelled doom for his reign and his daughter.

Necatual’s father learned of a legend that told of three powerful necklaces. When he found out that King Ja’gwar and King Pan’twar each had one, he attacked the city of Tikalico to lay claim on the necklaces himself. His foolish gambit cost him his life. King Ja’gwar ordered that his enemy be completely obliterated. Nothing was left of Necatual’s home. Her mother and father were dead, and her city was nothing but rubble.

She spent many years on the streets of various slums as a thief. Necatual built a reputation for herself as being the sneakiest cat in the land. She could be in and out before anyone knew she was even there.

Her luck ran out one day, when she pickpocketed a wealthy-looking snow leopard. His purple and gold robe made him a prime target. The other thieves were filled with fear at the very sight of him, but Necatual did not fear him.

The stranger caught Necatual in the act. He would have killed her, but he saw something in her that touched his cold heart. He learned of her origin and how she became an abandoned orphan turned thief. He took her in and looked after her. Necatual grew to think of him as her father and loved him dearly. Her newfound father brought in the finest warriors in the land to train her in the art of assassination. She and her newly formed clowder are now renowned assassins for hire.