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Nero Nero is from a forgotten land that is now part of the territory known as Urs. The various bear tribes laid claim to his homeland after many battles for the territory ages ago. Prior to becoming part of Urs, the land was ruled by the arctic foxes. They were a war faring nation, bent on conquering others. Despite their nature for strife, they were honorable in combat. The arctic foxes believed in giving their enemies a fair fight. Such courtesy extended to foregoing an attack when their opponent was down. They would help them back up and even allow them time to rest before proceeding with their skirmish. Their behavior baffled many, but the arctic foxes knew they were superior with the sword and found great pleasure in defeating their foes fairly. Their culture had a tremendous sense of pride about their skills with the sword.

Eventually, Jack Frost’s territory quickly grew. He gained more power and land with each passing day, as nations bowed before him instead of losing lives through war. When Jack gave each nation the choice to swear allegiance to him or die. The arctic foxes refused. They engaged the red panda in a prolonged conflict. The skirmish would have ended more quickly if they did not have such a strong fortress. Jack Frost’s army eventually prevailed, and many of the arctic foxes fell by the sword. Jack took the fortress as his own and named it Ursadoom.

Nero, the general of the arctic fox army, swore his allegiance to Jack Frost. The royal family saw Nero’s betrayal as unforgiveable. Nero’s entire family and those that joined him have been removed from the cherished history books of the arctic foxes and ousted from their society.

To prove his loyalty to Jack, Nero revealed the location of other arctic fox warriors that were in hiding to plan a rebellion. Jack was impressed with Nero for being so quick to turn against his own kind. He saw potential in Nero and made him general over the red panda’s army of polar bear brutes.

The other arctic foxes that turned away from their own to join Nero became a special archery division within the ranks of Jack Frost’s soldiers. Despite his position of power, Nero always wanted more. Jack never truly trusted Nero fully. The red panda made sure to always keep a close eye on Nero. They both secretly distrust each other, but outwardly they got along as a formidable duo of evil. However, Nero has always been patient and sneaky. He purposed in his heart to wait for his opportune time. Until then, he probed for a weakness that he could exploit.

Nero has an insatiable lust for power, but would not dare confront Jack directly. Despite being an extremely skilled swordsman, Nero is not as cunning or as clever of a strategist as Jack is. Nero is cruel and finds pleasure in the suffering of others. He would not hesitate to betray anyone if it gained him an advantage. His word means nothing, and he cannot be trusted under any circumstances.

Nero is renowned with the sword. It is his weapon of choice. He practices daily, often for hours on end. He used to carry two swords until the day of his accident, which resulted in the loss of his right arm. Now, only having one arm, he is down to one sword, but he is still as deadly as ever.