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Noah Noah is a very noble and courageous plush lion. Noah does not have a mouth but manages to say a lot through his body language, expressions, acting, props, drawings, or just writing something down on a notepad. For the silent fellow that he is, he truly has a lot to say and share with the world.

Noah is very wise and the most mature of his brothers. He is always the one that thinks a situation through in advance and then tries to warn Flurry against any foolish actions. However, Flurry rarely, if ever, heeds Noah’s warnings.

Noah is a lefty and likes to draw. Being a good artist has been very helpful for communicating his ideas to others. He has become a great actor out of necessity. Noah and Flurry are best friends despite how much Flurry tends to annoy him. Noah does his best to look after and protect Flurry and the others. Every time Noah has met Chingu the Protector, the red panda warrior has taught many self-defense skills to him that have come through for Noah and the others at the most crucial times.