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Nomi Nomika Ittindi, also known as Nomi, is from a distant land that is out beyond the animal kingdoms. On Ahelia, the animal nations do not interact with the human nations, nor the elves or dwarves for that matter.

Nomi comes from a tribe of warriors that live among the plains. She joined the service of the Great King at the age of twelve. Even at such a young age, she was a magnificent warrior.

Amidst her brother’s travels and adventures, he came across an ancient Ry’el weapon. When he died, he left the weapon for her. No such weapon had ever been found nor wielded by a mortal before. The double-blade could retract into or extend out from the handle. How this device functioned baffled Nomi and others who inspected the beautiful workmanship. The metal alloys remain unknown to everyone that has looked the piece over. Her weapon could also shoot highly concentrated energy in projectile form which had devastating effects. She rarely used that aspect of her weapon unless the situation became most dire.

Nomi wears black war paint on her face. The color she used to use was purple, until the death of her brother Gabriel. After his death, she has chosen to use black to mourn her loss. Nomi’s clothing is the finest of leather with a rare metal woven in. Very few blades have the capability to cut through her armored attire.