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Purratus He is a warrior medjay from the land of Savanis. He is an elite guard to the Pharaoh. Purratus was charged by his Pharaoh to kill Necatual when she failed an assassination attempt. She went into hiding and went undiscovered for a long while. The Pharaoh heard rumors of Jack Frost’s growing power. He sent his best warriors, Purratus included, to investigate. While Purratus and the other medjay were trying to track down the whereabouts of Jack Frost’s secret base, Jack ordered Theran to kill them. Theran sent Necatual and her assassins to do the job on his behalf. Necatual attacked and killed all of the medjay and severely wounded Purratus. She left him for dead, and considered her mission to be a success.

Purratus has always been strong willed and had a reputation for always being prepared for any situation. He saw to his wounds, and when he was healed enough to continue, Purratus devoted every moment to hunting Necatual down and bringing her to justice.

Purratus is a very passionate Savannah cat. He is unwavering when he sets his heart to something. The other medjay noticed this as a strength and a fault. It was a great boon when they needed to ensure that something got done, but it was a problem when he would let his emotions cloud his judgment, and when the mission became more important than anything else.