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Shinyuu Shinyuu is of the same bloodline as the legendary samurai known as Tomodachi the Great. In fact, Shinyuu’s younger brother, Chingu, is the current holder of Tomodachi’s sword. Shinyuu’s entire family comes from a long line of samurai warriors that have sworn to protect everyone from all forms of evil, danger, and harm. He has six other brothers, one younger and five older. All seven brothers are known as The Protectors.

Each brother has his own region to protect. However, Shinyuu has never liked violence. He often chooses not to fight, or he fights without the use of his sword. Chingu often jokes that the only thing Shinyuu is good at is the act of getting captured.

Shinyuu and Chingu’s personalities are drastically different from each other. However, they are the closest of their brothers. Shinyuu and Chingu often travel together.

Shinyuu is commonly seen as a jokester of the family. This trait is frowned upon by his father and older brothers. In fact, Shinyuu’s father does not acknowledge him as a son, due to his lack of sincerity in anything related to fighting or continuing the tradition of being a warrior. The family has often been perplexed why he is so close with Chingu, since they are complete opposites. Chingu is the most devoted member of the family.

Shinyuu prefers to be light-hearted and look at the brighter things in life. He likes to laugh and joke around. Very few are able to take Shinyuu seriously. He spends most of his time playing games or pulling silly pranks on his brothers or his best friend Björn. Shinyuu gave Björn the nickname Cloud, because he is a big, white polar bear and he reminds Shinyuu of a fluffy, white cloud.