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Talvist Talvist was born in the land of Panmeare. He is of a rare lineage of blue tigers that are looked down on and discriminated against by the other tiger dynasties. He grew up on the streets of Amur, where he worked as a blacksmith by day and thief by night. His life of crime eventually caught up with him when he was finally discovered and imprisoned.

During his imprisonment, he befriended the captain of the guard. The captain took pity on Talvist and offered him a second chance after Talvist finished his time behind bars. Talvist worked hard to earn the respect and trust of the other guards and applied to be one of them. He was accepted and served faithfully for many years. After the captain retired, the new captain did not like Talvist and made his life difficult. Talvist resented the new captain so much that he purposely would try to get at him any way he could.

Over time, Talvist’s disdain for his new captain made his duties feel like enslavement rather than voluntary service. He began slacking at his job and even began taking bribes. Talvist was eventually caught, stripped of his title, and returned to prison. Luckily for Talvist, he had befriended many, and they helped him escape.

He and his criminal friends sailed to Amoy, where they continued their life of thievery. Talvist worked his way up from petty pickpocketing, to bank robbery, to outright piracy at sea. He ended up attacking and prevailing against so many victims that he had now gathered to himself a small fleet of ships.

When Black Bear’d began pirating the same waters, Talvist sent gifts to appease the fearsome grizzly bear. The legendary pirate made a deal that if Talvist gave a percentage of his loot to Black Bear’d, the pirate would allow him to live and continue on as usual. Talvist agreed to Black Bear’d’s terms, but secretly kept back more of his riches than he let on.

Afraid that Black Bear’d might find out some day, he began investing in alternate means of earning enough money to support his frivolous lifestyle. One of his ventures is renting out some of his stolen ships at a very steep price. Despite his hefty fees, his business is thriving – there are many that need a ship for a criminal venture or to escape the law.