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Theran Theran was born into a very wealthy family of a vast and prosperous kingdom in the west. Even as a cub, he was ambitious. He liked to sit in the large cherry blossom trees that lined the royal court and watch the king’s family come and go. Theran, in his youth, pined after the throne and put his mind hard at work to figure out how he could one day rule over others.

His younger years were devoted to science. He had an insatiable thirst for knowledge, which bled over into other topics of study. Theran wanted to know everything, even forbidden knowledge. As time passed, he strayed from his background of science to pursue dark powers that ought not to be sought by anyone. His choice was heavily influenced by his greed and lust for power. He saw an opportunity to endear himself to a powerful ruler, and there he climbed the ranks through trickery, lies, and manipulation.

Theran, though being an opportunist and wicked at heart, was not entirely devoid of empathy. During his travels he happened across an abandoned kitten, a remnant of the war between one of the Felonin kingdoms and Tikalico. He discovered that she was the daughter of the deceased king of her birth city. Theran took her in and raised her as his own. As she grew and matured, he had her trained to be an assassin.

In his later years, word reached him that the legend of Jack Frost was true. He once believed it to be nothing more than a myth. When he heard that Jack had been freed from his prison of ice, Theran abandoned his duties to the tyrant he currently served and went on a long journey to seek out Jack Frost. Even when word spread about Jack’s untimely defeat, Theran did not give up hope. He believed that if he could find Jack’s body, he could bring Jack back from the dead, and then the red panda would be indebted to him.

Theran’s thirst for power and supremacy over all life is his first priority. Power is even more important to him than his adopted daughter, though he does love and care for her deeply. Theran has always had dark and evil plans, but now that Jack is free again, Theran has begun to help restore Jack to power and find ways to increase Jack’s strength both physically and militarily.