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Tomodachi the Great

Tomodachi the Great A bit rough around the edges, Tomodachi is a much revered and feared samurai warrior. Legends spread far and wide about his skill with a sword. More importantly, stories abound about him having a hand in the downfall of Jack Frost.

He was the first to begin a new order within his family line, called The Protectors. The Protectors are the sworn enemy of Jack Frost and have vowed to give their lives to protect the freedom and safety of all.

The Great King gave Tomodachi a special sword forged from a rare metal by the blue stars of Khima. This sword glows blue when it is near to any form of pure evil. Tomodachi began the tradition of handing this elegant blade down from generation to generation. Seven thousand years after the time of Tomodachi, his sword ended up in the paws of Chingu, his descendant.

Tomodachi did not prioritize time for family, though he did have a wife and a son. He was rarely home and spent most of his time as a sword for hire or traveling. His adopted daughter, Yujin, was frequently at his side and was betrothed to his son. Yujin was the daughter of Tomodachi’s closest friend. At the death of Yujin’s biological mother and father, Tomodachi took the infant cub and raised her as his own daughter. He taught her in the ways of the samurai and of his own martial art style, now known as Yujin Do. He honored the memory of Yujin’s death by naming his martial art style after her.

In his later years, he built a special temple designed to train and test the worthiness of upcoming protectors. After a few thousand years, the location of this temple was lost. The current tradition is that the firstborn son will inherit Tomodachi’s sword. Until Chingu, this tradition has never been broken.