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Vallidore Vallidore is a kind and noble soul. He was born a prince and destined to be jarl over the entire land of Canidore. From the bloodline of Lidore, all descendants of Lidore are destined to be the alpha male of Pack Lidore. Val is the only son of his father and was born with a unique trait of having pure white fur and blue markings. Many prophecies have been told about the white wolf, and that this wolf would lead the land into a thousand years of peace and safety. Some thought the prophecies were nothing but myths, but Val’s birth changed the minds of many.

Growing up, Val and Isan were very close friends. Isan, being from Pack Grim, later became known as Isangrim. Each came from their own part of Canidore. Val came from a region known as Valdera. It was a very well-to-do area of Canidore, especially Val’s hometown of Vallidrose. Isangrim came from the region known as Grimly. Though being from different upbringings, Vallidore and Isangrim were great friends and thought nothing of it.

Over time, they grew apart, until an unalterable event brought them into conflict with each other. They fell in love with the same wolf. She was lovely to behold, and her name was Kahneen. Fortunately for Vallidore, her heart belonged to him, but this drove a permanent wedge between him and Isangrim.

Isangrim’s anger turned into raging bitterness. His fury would have stayed with him if a Felonin had not come at the opportune time to manipulate him with promises of power and revenge. This feline was named Necatual, and she helped Isangrim lay a trap for Vallidore. Necatual’s lure worked. Isangrim overthrew Vallidore, took Pack Vallidore as his own, and renamed it Pack Isangrim.

Isangrim’s rampage did not stop there. It was not enough to just beat Vallidore; he sought to have Kahneen as well. Vallidore warned her, and she escaped as Pack Isangrim ravaged the land of Valdera, burning everything to the ground.

Vallidore went into hiding and has been known to spend prolonged periods of time with the Kringle family in the village of Ursus. Vallidore continues to search for his long-lost love, Kahneen.