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White Cloud

White Cloud BjörnCaptain White Cloud, also known as Björn, is of Viking heritage. His early years were riddled with hardship after the passing of his mother. His father dealt with their loss by avoiding any reminder of her. Björn’s father spent most of his time out at sea and away from his son. Growing up as a cub, Björn barely knew his father. By his teenage years, Björn and his father were often at each other's throats in one heated conflict after another. The two rarely saw eye-to-eye on anything. His father’s solution to their abrasive relationship was to spend it away from Björn out on the high seas.

In an attempt to be different and take a new path, Björn left his father’s home and embarked on a journey to find his place in the world. On his journey he crossed paths with a red panda named Shinyuu. At the time Shinyuu was in a lot of trouble, and Björn helped bail him out of it more times than either of them could count. Björn and Shinyuu became best of friends. Eventually, Shinyuu gave Björn the nickname Cloud. Shinyuu always told Björn that he looked like a giant, fluffy white cloud.

After many years adventuring with Shinyuu, Björn received word that his father had been killed. Björn traveled back to his homeland to find that much of what he knew as a cub had been burned to the ground by the evil pirate Black Bear'd. Filled with remorse over never reconciling with his father, he was consumed with rage and anger toward Black Bear'd. This led Björn to set off on a new path for vengeance.

Björn rebuilt his father's ship, the Mjölnir, and set sail. With his best friend Shinyuu by his side, he embarked on a mission to bring his father's murderer to justice. Over time, his crew grew in number. The entire crew began to call Björn by the name of Captain White Cloud. With Shinyuu’s influence, the name stuck.

Since that time, Björn has been chasing Black Bear'd around the world for his chance at revenge.