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Wolfhroc Born of a royal lineage, Wolfhroc grew up in the lap of luxury. She had her sight set on a young promising wolf named Vallidore, but after he was challenged by Isangrim, her affection shifted to the victor.

Now married to Isangrim, Wolfhroc questions her decision. Her tyrant of a husband is cruel and abusive, but she still loves him. She stands by his side through thick and thin.

She has earned herself the recognition for being the best scout in Pack Isangrim. Being Isangrim’s wife, she challenged herself and pushed hard to earn the respect of the other wolves. Due to her hard-earned status, many members of the pack approach her with concerns rather than doing directly to Isangrim, due to their fear of him. She willingly acts as a mediator between her jarl and his subjects.

Despite running with the wrong crowd, Wolfhroc has a compassionate heart. She may present herself as cold and aloof, but she has a conscience, where many of Isangrim’s loyal servants do not.