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Yujin Yujin is a teenage red panda and the adopted daughter of the legendary samurai known as Tomodachi the Great. Her biological mother and father died when she was still an infant. Despite being from another tribe, Yujin’s parents were very close friends to Tomodachi. At the death of Yujin’s parents, Tomodachi swore to her father that he would raise her as his own.

Tomodachi began training her in his unique style of martial art when she was three years old. Tomodachi later named his martial art Yujin Do, after his adopted daughter.

Yujin is a very formidable warrior and fights side-by-side with Tomodachi. She and her adopted father often travel together. Yujin is fluent in a number of different languages and frequently translates and mediates for Tomodachi. She is soft spoken, but a force to be reckoned with if challenged.

Due to being from a different tribe, Yujin has a different style of attire than Tomodachi. Yujin is not from a line of samurai, like Tomodachi is. However, she has been betrothed to Tomodachi’s son for some time now.