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Bak'atu A bak’atu is a small carnivorous mammal. They are native to the forests of Leonne, but have been found in the neighboring woodlands of Melano and Panmeare. Due to their small stature and green hue, they easily blend in with their surrounding environment. This is essential to the bak’atu in order to stalk its prey.

The bak’atu is slender with a long tail in order to climb trees and hang down from branches. Their branch-like antlers and leafy fur helps them remain unseen by their favorite food source, the ear mouse.

There are over 70 different breeds of bak’atu. Each variety has different colors of fur and different antlers to adapt to whichever environment they find themselves in. Very few bak’atu have been seen in tropical or arctic regions, though it is not entirely unheard of.