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Ear Mouse

Ear Mouse An ear mouse is a small rodent with large rounded ears and a pointed snout. Unlike many mammals, ear mice do not have tails.

They are prey for many larger mammal and reptile predators. As a defense, ear mice live in tall trees. Their sharp teeth burrow into the tree trunks. Their most common predator is the snake-like creature known as the bak’atu. The bak’atu’s long, slender body and sharp claws allow it to scale the trees for its prey. The ear mice either burrow deeply into the tree, or they leap from the branches and use their large ears as a parachute to escape predators. This feature has earned them the name “ear” mice.

Ear mice are highly adaptable and live in many different environments. These mice also have a variety of fur colors and patterns depending on the region they live in. They have a keen sense of smell and hearing. Their diet is primarily made up of grains, nuts, and fruit.