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Kŭrimja Very little is known about the kŭrimja. In fact, they have not been universally given a proper name. Each nation has a different name for them. One of the red panda clans refer to them as kŭrimja.

Where they originate is unknown, but a majority of them live in a dead wooded region known as Kraeburne Forest. They are creatures of pure shadow, making it difficult to harm them. The kŭrimja prey on any and every thing that would dare enter the forest. As a result, their wooded territory is devoid of all plant and animal life.

Nothing has been known to kill them, but they are extremely sensitive to light. They prefer to reside in caves and only venture out at night or very overcast days. They come in many various shapes and sizes that resemble a large variety of mammal and reptile predators. These creatures have keen senses and like to stalk their prey. Due to their various appearances, some have speculated that they are the spirits of dead creatures that had lived evil lives.