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Reeyu The reeyu are often mistaken for dragons. Though they do resemble their much larger cousin, they have some distinct differences. Referred to as “the lesser dragon”, reeyu are much smaller. They are comparable to a horse in size and weight. A typical reeyu can be six feet in height and weigh close to one-thousand pounds.

Reeyu are not as agile on foot as they are in the air. Though they have wings, reeyu do not fly. Reeyu use their large wings to glide. They may flap their wings to gain altitude, but do not use their wings to hover or fly like a dragon does. Unlike a dragon, reeyu have four legs in addition to their wings. Their wingspan is smaller than that of a dragon, too.

Another differing trait is the reeyu’s inability to speak. Dragons are able to speak a variety of languages. Though a reeyu may not be able to speak, they are highly perceptive and able to be trained.

Adolescent reeyu are highly volatile and hostile. As a result of their behavior, many reeyu breeders attempt to break a reeyu before they reach adolescent age. The reeyu are the primary mode of transportation for the red panda nation of Nallan Min, and especially those in the city of Shin Ronin.

When a reeyu is in its infancy, they are able to mimic the call of various animals. They lose this ability as they age. This skill allows reeyu to communicate with other animals to aid in a reeyu infant’s survival if it finds itself separated from its mother. Animals do not fear infant reeyu due to their peaceful behavior. Reeyu are not carnivorous until they reach adolescent age.

A reeyu is extremely loyal to its owner. Reeyu are very affectionate and create a special bond with their keeper that is unlike any other animal. They have been known to fight side-by-side with their red panda riders in battle.