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Storm Wolf

Storm Wolf Storm wolves are highly elusive. Very few have been seen in the wild. As a result of this private nature, very little is known about them.

Like any other wolf, they are carnivorous and work within the hierarchy of a pack, with a single wolf being the alpha male and ruler over the others. Unlike other wolves, they have horns and spikes in various places across their body and have multiple tales. The number and spread of horns varies from one species of storm wolf to the other, as do the number of tails.

It is believed that they live in caves up in the mountains. They derive their name due to the fact that electricity courses through their veins. Electrical outbursts can be seen emanating from their body and even their eyes.

Storm wolves use their keen sense of smell to hunt down their prey. They use the electrical pulses from their body to stun their quarry before devouring it.