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Ardere's Gauntlet

Ardere's Gauntlet Ardere's gauntlet has a mysterious origin without much being known about who forged this beautiful accessory. This gauntlet once had a companion piece, back when it was in use by Ardere thousands of years ago. With the matching piece missing, this remaining armor piece is the only surviving artifact of Ardere's legacy.

There are many legends of the tanuki warrior, Ardere. It's said that she wielded the power of fire. While wearing her gauntlets, ice and cold could not harm her. Nobody knows if the stories are true or not. If Ardere existed, both she and one of her two gauntlets have been lost in the sea of time, myth, and legends.

This particular gauntlet came to be in the possession of a red panda warrior named Chingu. Chingu was not aware of the stories about the gauntlet's powers. The gauntlet was given to him by his friend Drizzle. Drizzle purchased the gauntlet from an antique dealer that thought of it as old and worthless. Little did either of them know what this artifact actually was or who it once belonged to.