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Ayever Del

Ayever Del Quite simply, it's a door handle, but its name comes from the language of Polaris. In fact, it's from a most ancient form of the Polarin dialect.

This is no ordinary door handle, to say the least. It has inherent properties in the metal alloy used in its construction. It is forged from two unique metals, one from each world, Flurry's world and our own world. This symbiosis of these metals give way for the handle to be used as a gateway between our worlds.

This was given to Flurry as a gift. It came in the mail from Christopher Kringle, very shortly after Flurry's exile from Ursus. Flurry can use the handle to go anywhere he wants by placing it against any flat surface and turning the handle.

Not just anyone can use this device. In fact, there are very few that can make use of it at all. Flurry's able to use it, but how this is possible remains a mystery. How Christopher Kringle knew that Flurry could use it still remains a mystery to this day. Christopher himself has one of his own making at least two of them in existence. It's unknown if any others exist. 

Flurry uses the handle in order to travel instantly from Middleasia to Ursus. He has been strictly warned not to misuse it or his visiting rights would be revoked. Thus far, Flurry has behaved himself, mostly. Well, there was that one incident, but we won't talk about that.