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Kaldur Stone

Kaldur Stone The Kaldur Stone is an ancient and mysterious object. Legends say it has existed before life began, however that's not entirely true. The fact is that Kaldur himself has been around since the beginning of time, but after his death seven thousand years ago, his heart turned into the Kaldur Stone. History tells of many that have sought this stone and its power. Anyone that obtains it would be able to wield the powers of ice, snow, and extreme cold. Legends warn that this stone has the power to turn the entire world into ice, freezing anything that can't weather the cold. It's unknown as to the whereabouts of this gemstone. However, Jack Frost has taken a profound interest in it.

Jack Frost has pursued knowledge in all forms of written records, stories, and legends to try to track down and obtain this stone. Jack wants to rule the world by turning it into ice making only the most worthy able to survive. After many years of searching, Jack once found the stone and would have brought an end to most life back then. Fortunately, an unexpected hero foiled Jack's plans thousands of years ago. With newfound clues, Jack's now on a mission to find it again. If he succeeds where he failed in the past, it will mean certain doom for the world.