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Life Necklace

Life Necklace This necklace is one of two matching necklaces, though there are rumors of a third. The red gemstone encased in this piece of jewelry has a mysterious power to grant its wearer good health and long life. It appears to regenerate the cells of the wearer and anyone withing a certain radius of the necklace. It was a gift given to King Pan'twar along with a matching piece given to his brother King Ja'gwar. It's been the belief of many that there have only been two of these in existence though some historians of ancient lore believe otherwise.

King Pan'twar used this necklace by extending its power beyond just himself. He combined its ability with his brother's necklace's power to give good health and long life to all inhabitants of Tikalico, which Pan'twar and Ja'gwar ruled together.

Later, their relationship turned sour and Pan'twar led a rebellion against his brother. His coupe led to his banishment. Pan'twar was now branded a traitor and given the new name of King Sourpuss. During said rebellion, his medallion was stolen from him by the evil wolf known as Isangrim only to later be recovered by Flurry and returned to King Sourpuss.