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Protection Necklace

Protection Necklace This necklace was a special gift to the king of Tikalico named King Ja'gwar. King Ja'gwar and his brother Pan'twar ruled Tikalico together and they each had their own special necklaces. This one possessed a special power to grant protection to its wearer. However, King Ja'gwar learned of a way to expand the medallion's influence to a wider circle in order to extend this protection to his entire city, rather than keeping the protection only for himself.

The king cares deeply about his citizens and makes sure that they reside safely within the boundaries of Tikalico. The necklace has provided protection of the king's entire clowder many years. There are numerous enemies of the Felonin nations. One of their most fearsome adversaries has been a pack of wolves from Isangrand, a cave that sits back into a cliff along the coast of a large lake that borders the Felonin territory. These wolves, led by Isangrim, would love nothing more than to feast on the Felonin citizens of Tikalico.