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Ruak Stone

Ruak Stone The Ruak Stone is a famous stone known to all tribes, tongues, and nations. Many have believed it to be nothing more than a myth since nobody has ever seen it. The story goes that the Great King created it himself. There have been artist's renditions of what it is believed to look like, but it won't be until it's given to Flurry for its appearance was made certain.

The stone has been used in various kinds of different jewelry and necklaces over thousands of years. Each of the different owners have implemented the stone into a variety of designs of different jewelry. However, this stone is far more unique than anyone has ever realized. It's beyond that of all other stones that contain powers. It has a smooth surface that feels almost like silk. It's unable to be chipped, cracked, or broken. It has a constant dim, turquoise glow to it, but has been known to shine a bright, radiant white light.

The Ruak Stone gives its wearer a rare and special gift of wisdom and insight. It has also been said to give great inner strength and determination of will to the one that wears it. What's known for sure is that it amplifies the good traits of an individual and preserves the true essence of who they are at their core.