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Snow Globe

Snow Globe The snow globe's origin dates back to the beginning of time. It's a special object that was fashioned by the Great King as a communication device. Flurry ends up with one and later realizes that Christopher Kringle has a matching snow globe in his home. Upon further scrutiny, the house inside the globe at Christopher's house appears to be a miniature version of Christopher's actual house. Flurry has wanted to ask him about it, but has yet to do so. What kind of secrets does Santa keep? 

The inscription on its base appears to be an ancient dialect of the Polarin language. Flurry has kept this snow globe since the day it landed in his possession. He keeps it tucked away in a safe place, back in Middleasia. Flurry has often played with it while wondering who made it and for what purpose. Granted, it's a nice piece of decoration to put on a shelf, but Flurry has been suspicious that it's more than that. His suspicions have grown especially strong after finding the second inscription that was initially hidden from plain sight.